2023, Top 10 Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas for the Home
Diwali Decoration Ideas

2023, Top 10 Simple Diwali Decoration Ideas for the Home

Have you been feeling like your home could use a little extra sparkle lately? The festival of Diwali is the perfect opportunity to brighten up your space. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a joyous Hindu festival celebrating the victory of light over darkness. This year, you can join in the festivities by adding some simple Diwali-inspired decorations to your home. We’ve rounded up 10 easy ways to decorate for Diwali that won’t break the bank or require hours of crafting. From colorful string lights to flower garlands, there’s something for every style. This Diwali season, spread the light and delight in your home by incorporating a few of these decorating ideas with Decorative metal wall decor. Your space and spirit will shine brighter in no time.

Light Up Your Home With Diya’s

This Diwali, illuminate your space with homemade diyas or clay lamps. Making diyas is a fun craft project and a great way to get into the festive spirit.

To make simple Diya’s, you’ll need clay, a mold or form, cotton wicks, and oil. Roll out the clay and cut circles using a cup or cookie cutter. Press the circles into a Diya mold or shape by hand. Poke a hole in the center of each Diya for the wick. Let the Diya’s air dry completely.

Once dry, add a few drops of oil and thread the wick through the hole. Your diyas are ready to glow! Place them around doorways, windows, staircases or anywhere else in your home. Light the wicks and watch as your space comes alive.

For extra flair, consider decorating your diyas before they dry. Use stamps, sequins, paint or colored clay to create patterns and designs. Or, spell out ‘Diwali’ by arranging diyas in lines. You can also vary the sizes for a multi-level look.

Diyas traditionally symbolize the victory of light over darkness. By making and lighting your own, you’ll be honoring this important festival in a heartfelt way. Your handcrafted diyas, aglow with tiny flames, will make a warm welcome for Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, as she makes her way into homes on Diwali night.

This simple DIY project lets your creativity shine through. Have fun with it and Happy Diwali! May your home be filled with light, joy and prosperity.

Create a Rangoli at Your Front Door

A rangoli is a colorful design made near the entrance of a home to welcome guests during Diwali. Creating your own rangoli is a fun, hands-on way to decorate for the festival of lights.

You’ll need some basic supplies: colored sand, rice, or powder; a stencil or rangoli pattern; and a container to hold the powder. Traditionally, rangoli are made directly on the ground, but you can also use a large platter or tray if you prefer.

Choose a simple pattern to start

Focus on basic shapes like circles, squares or triangles. Geometric patterns, floral motifs and candle images are all popular rangoli themes. Keep your first design simple, with 3-5 elements at most. You can find many rangoli stencils and patterns online to use for inspiration or as a guide.

Add color for vibrancy

Use powders in festive hues like red, orange and yellow. You can also incorporate metallic colors like gold or silver for some shimmer. Start with a color you love and build your palette from there. Add colors gradually to get the balance right.

Pay attention to detail

Use a stencil or pattern to ensure symmetry and proportion. Smooth the edges of your rangoli with a fine paintbrush or cotton swab dipped in water. Add finishing touches like tealight candles, fresh flowers or colored rice around the border of your design.

With some practice, you’ll be creating colorful rangoli in no time. Your handmade rangoli will make a warm welcome and set the perfect mood for your Diwali celebrations.

Display Colorful Lanterns Outside

Light up your home’s exterior by hanging colorful lanterns. String up lanterns along railings, around doorways or in trees. Their soft glow will make a warm welcome for Diwali guests.

Buy lanterns in a variety of bright hues – red, orange, yellow. Look for lanterns in traditional shapes like spheres, cubes or diamonds. For outdoor use, choose weather-resistant lanterns made of metal, glass or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. Avoid paper lanterns which won’t withstand wind and weather.

Use sturdy wire, twine or rope to hang lanterns. Secure lanterns to railings, banisters or tree branches. You can also get creative by suspending lanterns at different heights for a whimsical look. For safety, don’t overload electrical circuits if using plug-in lanterns. Battery-powered or solar lanterns are convenient options requiring no wires.

Group together lanterns of the same color for a dramatic display. Or, mix different colors and shapes for a eclectic, vibrant arrangement. Once hung, turn on your lanterns at dusk to illuminate your home with the cheerful glow of Diwali. The dancing lights will bring your decorations to life and spread the joyful spirit of the festival.

Other ways to use lanterns:

• Line a walkway to your front door. Guests will feel welcomed following the path of twinkling lights.

• Cluster around outdoor seating areas so you can lounge and enjoy the ambiance.

• Outline the edges of planting beds or spot illuminate garden features like statues or trellises.

• Suspend at different levels from trees for an enchanting woodland feel.

• Group in a circle for an eye-catching focal point.

With colorful lanterns aglow outside your home, your Diwali decorating will shine bright for all to see. Their radiance embodies the triumph of light over darkness, spreading the illuminating spirit of this special festival.

Decorate With Marigolds and Other Flowers

Decorating your home with marigolds and other flowers is one of the simplest ways to celebrate Diwali. Marigolds, in particular, are very popular during the Festival of Lights. Their bright orange petals are thought to represent the warmth and optimism of the sun.


Marigolds, known as “genda” in India, are one of the most popular Diwali flowers. Their vibrant orange color is considered auspicious and a symbol of positivity. You can string marigold garlands to hang over doorways or use the flowers to make floral rangolis. Individual marigold blooms also make lovely table centerpieces.

Lotus Flowers

The lotus flower is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, representing purity, beauty, and divinity. Add pink or white lotuses to your Diwali decor for an authentic Indian touch. You can float lotus blooms in bowls of water for a simple yet striking arrangement. Or create garlands and rangolis using lotus petals.


Roses are always a classic choice and come in a variety of hues perfect for Diwali, from bright red to soft pink to sunny yellow. Use roses to make floral rangolis, garlands, or centerpieces. Their sweet fragrance will fill your home with a sense of peace and tranquility.


The delicate white flowers of jasmine represent purity and innocence. Jasmine garlands or rangolis are popular for decorating doors and entryways during Diwali. The flowers have an enchanting nighttime fragrance, ideal for the evening festivities.

Tube Roses

Tube roses, known as “rajni gandha” in India, produce delicate white blossoms with an intoxicating fragrance. They are commonly used to make garlands, especially for worship or meditation. Adding tube rose garlands to your Diwali decorations will create a calming ambiance and fill your home with their pleasant aroma.

Using fresh flowers to decorate your home is an easy way to make the Festival of Lights even more cheerful and vibrant. Their natural beauty and fragrance will help set the mood for a joyous Diwali celebration.

Make a DIY Toran to Welcome Guests

A toran is a decorative garland that is hung over doorways to welcome guests during Diwali. Making your own DIY toran is an easy way to add festive decor to your home without spending a lot of money.

Get Creative with Materials

Use what you have on hand to make an colorful toran. Ribbons, string, twine, paper chains, dried flowers, leaves, bells, and beads all work great. Mix and match different materials for extra visual interest. Consider using traditional Diwali colors like orange, red and yellow.

Shape it Up

Torans come in different shapes like circles, triangles and teardrops. A circular toran with tapered ends is a classic choice. You can also spell out “Welcome” or “Diwali” for a fun, whimsical look. Make different sized torans to hang at multiple entryways.

Add Greenery

Incorporate natural elements like marigold flowers, mango leaves or ashoka leaves into your toran. Fresh or dried, greenery helps convey the spirit of growth and new beginnings that Diwali celebrates.

Light it Up

For extra festive flair, add tiny string lights or small diyas (clay lamps) to your toran. The soft glow will make a welcoming impression on guests after dark.

Hang it High

Place your DIY toran over main entryways like front doors, porch entrances and gateways. Hang it high enough so people can walk underneath easily. Use thumbtacks, nails, tape or command strips to securely attach it to walls, beams and banisters.

Making a decorative toran is an enjoyable Diwali craft project the whole family can participate in. Your homemade toran will make a wonderful impression and set the perfect mood for your Diwali celebrations. Displaying it prominently for all to see is the perfect way to welcome guests and embody the warm spirit of the festival.


You’ve got some great ideas now to make your home glow with the spirit of Diwali. String up those lights, get creative with candles and lanterns, make some colorful decorations, LED Wall Light & Wall Lamp and don’t forget the rangoli designs. Try a couple of these simple ideas or go all out – whatever fits your style and budget. The most important part of Diwali is spreading light and joy, so do what makes you and your loved ones happy. Once your decorating is done, invite friends and family over, make some delicious Indian sweets and snacks, play festive music, and get ready to celebrate the victory of light over darkness. Here’s to a bright and beautiful Diwali!

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