Capsule Bike Clock


  • MATERIAL: Metal & Glass
  • COLOUR: Multi Colour
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Pcs Analog Clock
  • DIMENSIONS: Length: 11, Width: 5.5, Height: 7.5 Inch
  • Made in India
  • Free Returns


  1. This recognizable design of metal capsule bike wall clocks in a contemporary style is a special complement to any decor.
  2. You may be sure that it will give your plain, uninteresting walls a new look. It will give your living space a pleasant atmosphere.
  3. You can construct the position and put it wherever you want. You may entirely redo and spruce up your living space with the aid of this beautifully crafted wall clock.
  4. The clock will surely attract attention to your living area.
  5. It is an Outstanding gift for any sports enthusiast.

Gently wipe with a soft dry cloth.


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  • What do you mean by Metal Wall Art?

    Metal wall art decor is any work of art made from metal, such as iron, bronze, or copper, and hung on a wall for decoration or practical use.

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