DB-07-King Size (100 in*100 In )-B-010 Jaipuri Printed Pure Cotton Premium Double Bedsheet With Two Pillow Cover




Revamp your bedroom effortlessly with the luxurious DB-07 King Size bedsheet set. Indulge in the elegance of a 100-inch by 100-inch Jaipuri printed pure cotton double bedsheet accompanied by two pillow covers, elevating your sleep to unparalleled levels of comfort and sophistication.

  • Crafted from the finest cotton, this bedding set ensures a plush and durable experience, catering to every season seamlessly.
  • The intricate Jaipuri prints not only captivate the eye but also infuse a burst of color into your bedroom.
  • Whether you prefer a bold statement or a more subtle allure, the diverse designs in this bedding set cater to your unique style.
  • Whether you’re unwinding with a good book or peacefully drifting into slumber, the DB-07 King Size bedsheet set promises a foundation of both comfort and chic aesthetics for your dreams.


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