DB-RJ-13-1504-01-King Size (100 in*100 In )-Jaipuri Printed Pure Cotton Premium Double Bedsheet With Two Pillow Cover




Our Floral Stories Bedsheet is designed to provide a unique and stylish look for any bedroom while offering the added benefit of sustainability. Crafted from glace cotton, this bedsheets boasts a luxurious and subtly shiny texture that is both visually appealing and smooth to the touch. 

  1. The intricately woven floral patterns add depth and character, creating a serene atmosphere for a peaceful night’s sleep.
  2. By choosing our Floral Stories Bedsheet, customers can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing, high-end bedding option that minimizes their environmental impact. 
  3. Join us in transforming your space into a sanctuary with our thoughtfully-designed bedsheets, where you can experience luxury without leaving a trace of litter behind.


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