Tribal Sardar Wall Clock


  • MATERIAL: Metal & Glass
  • COLOUR: Multi Colour
  • PACKAGE CONTENT: 1 Analog Clock
  • DIMENSIONS: Length: 18, Width: 2, Height: 28 Inches
  • Made in India
  • Free Returns


  1. Tribal Sardar wall clock, hand-adorned with beautiful Warli painting and inspired by the simple way of life of Indian tribes.?
  2. With the crisp clock dial serving as the lovely center panel and a hand-painted frame, this ethnic clock is exquisitely created.
  3. The simple, elegant finish of the natural wood color, the use of lovely metal frames as highlights, and the small design of a basic frame embellished with sparse art bring a piece of pure Indian tranquility to your wall and living spaces.?
  4. This beautiful wall clock features Indian tribal legends that were lovingly carved into it.?
  5. It is a functional piece of art that you and your loved ones may use on a daily basis.

Gently wipe with a soft dry cloth.


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  • What do you mean by Metal Wall Art?

    Metal wall art decor is any work of art made from metal, such as iron, bronze, or copper, and hung on a wall for decoration or practical use.

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